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Thursday, August 22, 2013

GMAT Preparation Day 3

Quants :-

In warehouse there are some boxes divided in stacks, each has 12.After adding 60 more, each has 14.How many boxes before adding?

1)boxes<110 before adding
2)boxes<120 after adding

Answer : B (Select the row to see the answer)

Verbal :-

High levels of fertilizer and pesticides, needed when farmers try to produce high yields of the same crop year after year, pollute water supplies. Experts therefore urge farmers to diversify their crops and to rotate their plantings yearly. To receive governmental price-support benefits for a crop, farmers must have produced that same crop for the past several years. The statements above, if true, best support which of the following conclusions?

(A) The rules for governmental support of farm prices work against efforts to reduce water pollution.
(B) The only solution to the problem of water pollution from fertilizers and pesticides is to take
farmland out of production.
(C) Farmers can continue to make a profit by rotating diverse crops, thus reducing costs for chemicals, but not by planting the same crop each year.
(D) New farming techniques will be developed to make it possible for farmers to reduce the
application of fertilizers and pesticides.
(E) Governmental price supports for farm products are set at levels that are not high enough to
allow farmers to get out of debt.

Answer : A (Select the row to see the answer)

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