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Thursday, August 22, 2013

My first attempt - A shameful 630

I am not sure if this blog can ever be helpful to anyone, considering that there are so many achievers telling their success stories. But, there is one thing for sure, you will all be able to relate to it.


It started with a thought to study in USA. I am a working woman and i see my managers committing such faults that i know i wouldn't ever have committed. Also, the idea of going onsite captured my dreams. So basically instead of 1, i had two aims. One to manage a team efficiently and the other to earn money on a foreign land. GMAT seemed to be the best investment.

My first step was to join a coaching institute. I knew i just needed verbal classes as i had already taken quants for CAT exam. Well, the classes helped. But, when i took a mock test for the first time, it was a pathetic score of 570(Kaplan). Shocked and dismayed, i calmed myself down. I took kaplan, manhattan, 800score, gmatprep , but the score wouldn't go beyond 710. Please note that 710 was in one of the 800score tests and we all know how easy they are.

Well, just a week before the test, i got hit by viral. It was like icing on the cake. I couldn't cancel the appointment as it would have cost me 250$. I knew i had to take the test. Anyhow, i managed to.

AWA went fine.. IR.. Man that were tough. The GmatPrep IRs are pitfalls. They are a 100 times tougher than them. Anyways, i took a break after that. Had a perk and glucon D as i was ill and i needed a lot of energy to sit for 4 straight hours. Next was quants. Tough, yet managed to score 49. Verbal seemed easy but turned out to be a disaster. A mere 27. Never before had i scored so low in verbal.

My follies -

1. I had to go slow in verbal. Since the verbal section just seemed easy, i would have done better if i had taken an extra moment per question.
2. Since quants was always a strong point for me, i should have given a lot of time to verbal.
3. New York times has the best editorial. Should have kept an eye on it right from the beginning.

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  1. Hey, gratitude for sharing the details here. Well I am also had bad experience with the Bar Test. Now I will be retaking it soon and willing to prepare using the online professional course. It will be great if anyone here could provide recommendations for the best virtual Bar Exam prepcourse!


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