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Thursday, August 22, 2013

GMAT Preparation Day 4

Quants :-

1. What is the maximum possible area of a quadrilateral with a perimeter of 80

Answer and solution - 400 cm2: The quadrilateral with maximum area for a given perimeter is a square, which has four
equal sides. Therefore, the square that has a perimeter of 80 centimeters has sides of length 20 centimeters
each. Since the area of a square is the side length squared, the area = (20 cm)(20 cm) = 400 cm2

For answer and solution, select all

Verbal :-

Consumer advocate:It is generally true, at least in this state, that lawyers who advertise a specific service charge less for that service than lawyers who do not advertise.It is also true that each time restrictions on the advertising of legal services have been eliminated,the number of lawyers advertising their services has increased and legal costs to consumers have declined in consequence.However, eliminating the state requirement that legal advertisements must specify fees for specific services would almost certainly increase rather than further reduce consumers’ legal costs.Lawyers would no longer have an incentive to lower their fees when they begin advertising and if no longer required to specify fee arrangements,many lawyers who now advertise would Increase their fees. In the consumer advocate's argument,the two portions in boldface play which of the following roles?
(A) The first is a generalization that the consumer advocate accepts as true;the second is presented as a consequence that follows from the truth of that generalization.
 (B) The first is a pattern of cause and effect that the consumer advocate argues w川be repeated in the case at issue;the second acknowledges a circumstance in which that pattern would not hold.
 (C) The first is a pattern of cause and effect that the consumer advocate predicts w川not hold in the case at issue;the second offers a consideration in support of that prediction。
 (D) The first is evidence that the consumer advocate offers in support of a certain prediction;the second is that prediction.
(E) The first acknowledges a consideration that weighs against the main position that the consumer advocate defends;the second is that position.

For answer and solution, select all of the below
Answer and solution - C
Argument Construction Situation Lawyers who advertise charge less. In the past, when advertising restrictions have been removed, the number of lawyers advertising rose and legal costs to consumers fell. However, eliminating the requirement to specify fees in advertisements would raise consumers’ legal costs. If lawyers are not required to specify their fees in ads, many lawyers who advertise will raise their fees, and consumer costs are likely to rise.
Reasoning What part do the two sentences in boldface play in the argument? This question asks the reader to look carefully at how the advocate’s argument is constructed and in particular at how the two sentences in boldface are related. It is necessary to understand the consumer advocate’s main point: if lawyers are not required to specify fees in advertisements, consumers’ legal costs are likely to rise. The first boldface sentence shows the cause-and-effect relation of lawyers’ ads and falling consumer costs, a relation the advocate predicts will not continue in the current case. The second boldface sentence explains why that relation will change. 
A The first sentence is presented as true, but the second sentence does not follow as a consequence;rather, it contradicts the first sentence. 
B The first sentence shoes cause and effect,but the consumer advocate does not argue that it will be repeated.The advocate argues that it will not be repeated. 
C Correct.The first sentence shows general cause and effect in a situation that the advocate argues will not be true in this particular case.The second sentence explains why it will not be true. 
D The consumer advocate predicts legal costs will rise;the first sentence does not offer evidence in support of that prediction,but rather evidence that costs have always fallen. 
E The first sentence gives a general cause-and-effect relationship,not a special consideration;the second sentence shows how that relationship could change.

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